Her stomach has contracted
Her malaise is long protracted
And her words have been redacted
They're not fitting for young ears.

It's a method antiquated
Just don't eat--it's been related
Why good health is surely fated
And your system surely clears.

The key is drinking water
And like anybody's daughter
She does everything she ought'er
But the water won't go down.

So air comes forth, and air goes aft
She's thinking what she's done is daft
She'd rather topple from a raft
So noted with a frown.

Well, when all is said and done
And this body battle won
She expects to have more fun
She will dance, she'll buy a bike

But while she's going through it
And she's thinking that she blew it
She wants to say, "Oh Chew It!"
And more phrases much alike.