Frequently Asked Questions

What brought you to music?

Music is a part of my family heritage. My mother was a music major. My aunt on my father’s side studied at Julliard. They are gone, but the music they passed down remains. My family has at least a century-old tradition of writing songs for family occasions. When I have more time I’ll add some more of the family songs to the collection!

Do you have a particular favorite of the family occasion songs?

I think my favorite line was one that my mother wrote half a century ago, to the tune of Get Me to the Church on Time. “For such a nachas, Just move your tuchas, and get Barbara to the shul on time. We know that Michael will be just great. But as for Barbara, Gei gezunterheit…”

Do you play an instrument?

I play the guitar, and I plunk on a ukulele or a piano. In a pinch, I can be found playing plastic spoons to accompany a jam session.

Do you have perfect pitch?

No. But when I listen to a piano, I often know what notes are being played. When I listen to a guitar, I often know what chords are being played.

Hmm… Freelance developer. What specifically do you do?

I’m a web developer who has always been especially interested in data visualization. I love making interactive maps, and I’ve built a number of “scorecard maps” for advocacy organizations.

What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on building a website called Safer Or Toxic, to help individuals, schools, hospitals and janitorial companies to sort out which disinfectants are safer for human health. I think it’ll be a cool site, and I’ll be able to launch it in July. It’s a project of the Maryland Pesticide Education Network.